treat your body like a truck

Quite expensive for a healthy home…

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Tim Minchin is awarded an honorary doctorate by The University of Western Australia. (by universitywa)

Tim Minchin gives an awesome, bizarre, grounded, insightful, and even occasionally inspirational address to the graduating class of 2013.

Great stuff from Tim

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InRealLife Trailer (by dogwoof)

We are rolling down a terrible slope all over the world

"In a landmark law change, the shadowy Government Communications Security Bureau has been given explicit powers to spy on New Zealanders when it is acting under warrant and for agencies including the Security Intelligence Service, police and defence. Parliament ushered in the change last night by a vote of 61 votes to 59, almost a decade after it passed the 2003 act promising that the foreign intelligence gathering agency would not be used to spy on New Zealanders. The Government has rejected criticism of the law change as scaremongering and believes it is on the right side of public opinion despite widespread protests. But a Fairfax Media-Ipsos poll yesterday revealed three-quarters of people have concerns about the change."

Londons new hyperloop.  Forget the Boris Bikes, it’s time for the Hyperloop!


Im trying not to like this.  But I think it is useful, and fun


Once everyone has Google Glasses (or similar), AR is going to get pretty damn cool.

"Augmented reality (AR) is a mixed bag. Early implementations have been gimmicky without adding much value to the experience, but when it’s done right, AR can be a wondrous experience.

DAQRI is taking strides to legitimize the medium by partnering with big-name brands like Maxim and Target, and the company is charting a next step to bring AR experiences to educational toys and games. The startup tipped its hand on Wednesday with the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for a set of Elements 4D blocks that enable users to interact with virtual versions of elements. I’ve played with the blocks, and they’re a clever educational tool. Combining various blocks shows the properties of chemical reactions and their respective compounds.”

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Many congratulations to my mate Jay!


Love this short video about Sherpaa. Pay special note to Jay’s comment on the impact they’re having on client’s insurance premiums in under a year.

It’s been extremely rewarding to see the service more than paying for itself after a year in place at client companies. And to hear the stories of lives they’ve impacted.

Keep an eye on this one.

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smart birds!

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